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Ham, Apple & Cheddar Quesadillas with a side of Ramblings

I’m all about easy lunches these days. And mmm…this one is delicious (at least I think so… and when my toddler asks for seconds, I know it’s a keeper!) Ham, Cheddar & Apple… Continue reading

Farmers Markets and Figs

Something I love about the farmers market is the opportunity to connect with your community, along with buying delicious, locally-grown food (obviously!). As a mother of littles, it can be so refreshing to… Continue reading

Thoughts on Compassion

Stirrings and Questions Do you ever feel God stirring in your heart, yet you don’t know what to do about it? Feel compassionate, but no outlet for it? Desire to help others, but… Continue reading

A Few Things I’ve Learned About Surprise Parties

This is NOT a How-To, these are just some of my own, personal reflections. -Have a Plan to Get Your Birthday Boy/Girl Out of the House Pretty obvious, right? Have a friend take… Continue reading

My heart drawn to eternity

Big Brother and I walk slowly down the basement steps-a mini adventure for him-to get a can of coconut milk for our smoothie.  A Josh Garrels song echoes in the background and I… Continue reading

What We’re Dancing To: Brooke Fraser – Flags

“Music is what feelings sound like”  – Unknown Author Sometimes there’s nothing better than a piano and a a single voice. The piano itself stirs my heart and moves me to tears. And… Continue reading

Laminated Coloring Book

I find that I often need to stuff my bag full of toys or activities to occupy my little ones when we’re out and about (which is rare, but does still happen at… Continue reading

Even the Smallest of Details

I love how God speaks to me in my own language. Being an artist, He often gets my attention through the seemingly insignificant things….like pouring cream into my cup of coffee. But oh,… Continue reading

What We’ve Been Making This Winter (Craft and Recipe Links!)

Happy Monday, Friends! I thought I’d share some of the crafty fun we’ve been up to here over the past few weeks (actually months, considering the green grass showing in the picture above!).… Continue reading

Pondering the Beauty of God’s Grace

I don’t understand your grace. How can you be so gracious? To me? To others? Sometimes I can barely comprehend it. It feels so hard to give grace…at least for me. But I’m… Continue reading