Fall Decor on a Budget


This season I realized how little decor we have in our apartment, so I thought I’d try to spruce it up a bit!  And knowing how inspired and impulsive I can feel when walking into a craft store, my goal was to only spend about $20. (Ok, so I did have a FEW things at home I coul also use to decorate… like a few candles and pretty placemats, but OTHER than what I alread had…)

I bought:

-A small box a fake fall leaves – $2.49 ON SALE!

-A small bag of tiny redish-orange  glass beads – $1.24 ON SALE!

-A small bag of medium-sized yellow glass beads – $1.24 ON SALE!

-A thin, 5 foot beaded garland – $2.49 ON SALE!

-2 yards of fall themed fabric – $7.00 (total) ON SALE!

-2 sheets of fall scrapbook paper (for a later project) – $4 (total) not on sale

And here are the results of said items:

*Glass beads in candle tray on our little kitchen table* *Beaded Garland to spice up our overhead light fixture* *Leaves to decorate another candle bowl/tray* and *A Home-made table runner made from the fall fabric – 2 sided!* (You can see more pictures in my Fall Table Runner post)

IMG_5791 IMG_5798 IMG_5794

IMG_5774 IMG_5780

ALSO…if you like the placemats (in the first picture), they were a gift from my family and they bought them at World Market…love that store!  I thought they went perfect with the fall theme!  The red candles (and tiny ones)  I’ve had for a while and the three-wick orange candle is Pumpkin Spice from BB&B.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for fall?  Any tips or ideas you’d like to share?!  Please do!