Chai…and Stamp making :)


Chai… a wonderful and welcome friend during a much needed session of journaling.  So nice to enjoy some quiet time of reflection on a beautifully rainy fall day.

In other news…I’ve re-discovered the joy of stamp making again! (I told you I get inspired with something different every other week!)  This time I made a stamp out of a sketch I drew of a little chickadee on a tree branch.  Turned out well, I think.  I used the stamp to accent a few homemade cards…I’m hoping to post some for sale in the near future…I’ll keep you posted!


All that red coloring is left over from the red ink I originally used on the stamp… black was a better idea 🙂



1) Sketch book

2) Your own creativity!  Draw Something!

3) Parchment Paper, to copy and transfer your image

4) Speedball Linoleum Cutter

5) Linoleum Block

And if you’d like to see a quick demo of how to carve your own stamp, check out this video that I found on Geninne’s Art Blog .  She has some great ideas and her blog is what inspired me to give it a try! 🙂  ENJOY!