Winter Recycled Crafts for Kids

Since I work with kids  (and will soon have one of my own 🙂 I’m often looking up kids projects/crafts online, especially crafts using recycled materials.  Thought I’d share a few that I found in case you need some ideas as well!

1) Snowflake/Star Ornament

I LOVE this snowflake/star project!  Flatten a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) and cut into rings.  Glue the rings together (I used hot glue) and then decorate, preferably with paint and GLITTER! 🙂  You can thank michellesjournalcorner for the great tutorial!

Here’s another example….

Either way you make them, these are great to use for ornaments or window decorations!  Just punch a hole in one of the sides and tie on some string…so easy!

Take a look at some fancy ones HERE.  Couldn’t paste the pictures for some reason.

Ok…and this is pretty awesome too….


2) TP Roll Reindeer

Thanks to jennwa‘s blog

Another example, from

3) Cardboard Trees

Looks like this might take some concentration…but very unique results!  Find the how-to here

And more for the moms than the kids…

4) Home made Gift Bags!

You can find this one at Moogsmum, who got the tutorial from

Let me know if you try any of these ideas!  And share your ideas as well!