Missions Board Update

Thought I’d give everyone a peek at the progress of the missions board display.  Besides Africa, the other continents are just in their “cut-out” stage.  Once they are all cut, I will then paint the backgrounds of each and then move on to the detailed images. I’m pretty sure this is the largest project I’ve ever worked on!  And I am enjoying the process… It’s great to be using the talents that God has given me.

Here’s North and South America next to the finished Africa:

Leftover posterboard from the cut-outs.  I’ll probably be using these for the islands later:

Drawing out Europe and Asia…across two board that will be mounted together:

And I must say, I am SO thankful to have our Operation World book to rely on for all their wonderful maps and info (and there’s my mini version of europe and asia for reference as well):

More updates to follow!  Have a great weekend!