Kitchen Drawers – Now Organized! (mostly)

Sometimes I get excited about the silliest things!  But seriously, isn’t it nice when things are finally organized?  (Or at least generally organized).

This drawer was previously just my junk drawer of kitchen utensils.  Then I found these little white, plastic bins at walmart for ONE DOLLAR for a stack of THREE!  (Three of the narrow bins, and the bigger ones came in pairs for a dollar).  It’s really nice to no longer have to rummage through a full drawer of kitchen stuff.

And then this drawer is my “still in progress but good enough for now” drawer.  I used one of the bins for small items like chip clips, mini funnels, cookie cutters, etc , another bin for lids and caps, and a third bin (one of the narrow ones) for straws, chop sticks, etc.

What are some of your kitchen organizing tips?