The Latest Experiment of the Mom-to-be…

DIY baby onesies!  Or at least DIY decorating a onesie…not necessarily hand-crafting the whole garment, but the day is still young! 😉

shapes close up

My husband thinks I’m a little crazy sometimes, but he’s knows it’s all part of my creative process…oh the many projects I’ve made that I dare not take out in public these days!  Anyways…this was my first and experimental painted baby onesie with the help of some homemade iron-on freezer paper stencils.

Unfortunately, these past few weeks/months our iron has decided it likes to leak full puddles of water half-way through each of my ironing sessions with increasing determination to frustrate me into throwing it out the window…thankfully, this week God has reminded me that “A man [or woman] without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls” Proverbs 25:28…so therefore I will try my best to resist that urge to do so 🙂  All that to say, I had little to no success ironing my freezer paper stencils on to the onesie, so I just played around with a few easy shapes that I could easily hold down with one hand and paint with the other.

Here are a few helpful links and how-to’s I found about designing your own stencils and shapes…use them to decorate onesies, t-shirts, totes…etc!

Instructables – Stencil Shirts with Freezer Paper

Cookiemag – DIY Iron-On Onesies

Shop POPKO – DIY Instructions – Babyshower activity

Also found on the Instructable website, this DIY Vinyl Wall Art …someday I hope to try this out, it’d be great to use some fun colors to decorate kids rooms.

Share your homemade stenciling ideas or other links you’ve found!  I’d love to hear them!