Egg Carton Flower Bouquet – Recycled Craft


-Cardboard egg carton

-Paper (scrapbook, construction, or white to decorate yourself)


-hot glue


-paint (optional)

Egg Carton Instructions:

1) Cut egg carton into individual “pods”  and trim off any rough edges.  You may paint them or leave them as-is.
2) Hot glue strings of yarn to the bottom (exterior) of each little carton pod

Paper Instructions:

1) Bouquet holder – form paper of your choice into cone shape and staple or glue together.  (Make sure there is a little opening at the bottom…this will be used later)

2) Petals – With other paper of your choice, cut out your own petal shapes.  You can curl the edges by rolling each edge over a pencil.  Hot glue your individual petals to the exterior of your little egg carton pods.

Gather Flowers into Bouquet:

1) Gather the strings together that are hanging from the bottoms of each flower.  (You may tie them with a knot if you’d like…that made it a little easier for me to work with)

2) Pull strings through paper bouquet holder and out the little opening in the bottom. Hold tight and position your flowers (I held mine upside down to help them all lay evenly).

3) Staple strings at the bottom of your bouquet, and trim extra string hanging out.  I also folded the bottom edge of the bouquet and stapled it once more for extra strength.

That’s it!  Enjoy your little bouquet!