Homemade Reusable Plastic Bags!

This was so incredibly easy!  I found a great tutorial on Dabbled.org and thought I’d give it a try!  They have great step-by-step instructions, and it seriously only took me a few minutes from start to finish! (After a trip to the store to by the materials, of course!)

All you need is vinyl, sew on velcro and ribbon!  And of course your sewing machine and thread. You may also want to use your iron (on a very LOW setting) to fuse the edges together before you sew the edges, but just make sure to check out the tutorial to make sure you do it right!  Be VERY careful and QUICK with the ironing!)  Give it a try!

*I’ve read that you should be able to wash these in the dishwasher but I have yet to try it with mine.  I will let you know the result once I try it!

And Yes, those are chocolate chip teddy grahams in the bag 🙂  And they are now all gone!