Missions Board Update #4

The end is near!  At least for the missions board.  And I mean end in a good way, because that means that I’m almost finished painting it and I can hand it off soon so that our church can decide how they want to display it on the wall!  Eventually, I’d like to add a few smaller land masses…islands and such, but the largest sections are now complete!!!  And my wonderful husband is, at this very moment, gluing some wood framing to the back of each continent to give it more support.  Thanks love!

Here are a few more images.  Please forgive the bad lighting again, it made some of the pictures look a little washed out.  You would think that with me being an artist I would take better pictures…but honestly I just wanted to take them quickly and get them posted!

Spiral Minaret

With this last picture, you can get a better feel for what the whole project looks like all put together.  (This was taken before all the images were complete, but at least it gives you an idea.  And again, islands will be added later as well)  Sorry Greenland and Antarctica – you are not included in this project.  At least not today.