“If I were a butterfly…

…I’d thank you Lord for giving me wings…”

VBS songs echoed down the hallway as I sat quietly in the nursery with my son.  There’s something so precious about the sound of children singing.  Can’t wait till my little one can sing along 🙂

Scrolls are finished, VBS is over, and I just gave my husband a mohawk!  Ok…so it’s a “work-appropriate” mohawk.  Boo.  Sadly, we still need to cut it a little shorter…but with his two weeks off between jobs, we can leave it as is for now and that brings a great big smile to my face!

Back to the scrolls…here are a few more pictures of how they turned out.  For most of them I used some cheap black tea bags.  On a few others I used some powdered instant tea, resulting in darker lines on the paper.  Either way they turned out well and every scroll is a little different.  After submerging each scroll in a baking dish full of a STRONG brew of tea (MANY tea bags!), I then soaked the edges in another strong cup of tea for 10-20 minutes.  See picture in previous post. All we had to do next was to hot-glue some thin dowel rods to the tops and bottom and they were ready to go!  Along with the scrolls, we handed out hieroglyphic sheets so the kids could write out their names or whatever else they felt like writing.

It’s so beautiful watching children learn and create.

Well, that’s it for now.  Tell me of your tea-staining or mohawking adventures!  I love hearing stories!  Goodnight friends!  Have a wonderful weekend!