Concert Tickets, Anyone?

So…I have some w0nderful lawn tickets (2 adult and 1 child under age 10) to see Rodrigo and Gariela at Ravinia for Saturday August 28 at7:30pm.  Is anyone interested in going?  We originally bought them thinking it would be no big deal to go…however, it looks a bit more complicated to make it work since this summer has been so busy and it can be hard to get a babysitter…

*Update for those confused: we bough a kids ticket thinking baby could join us, but then realized it would be past his bedtime.  That’s why i mention a babysitter in that last paragraph.

PLEASE let me know if you’re interested in the tickets, ASAP!  I’m sure it will be an incredible show…  You can e-mail me at if you are interested!

Some of you have already seen this video (I’ve posted it elsewhere) but have another listen and enjoy their amazing-ness! (you can skip past the intro to the song if you’d like…she’s speaking in french..i think.  I’ve read that she tries to learn a little bit of the language of whatever country they’re playing in)