Love My Little “Puhm-tih”

Hi Friends,

I’ve been hoping to write a new blog post for some time now.  Each time I sat down at the computer, one of the boys would either wake up and need me (Yes, I said boyS plural…we now have two! 🙂 ), or I would attempt to write while they were awake…which means my 18 month old wants to write WITH me! (He loves the keyboard!) So…here I sit, making another attempt. And big brother is *mostly* content playing with a little desk organizer thing, pulling the little drawer out and putting things in it.

Seriously…I think it has taken me 10 minutes to get this far…..oh dear.

But I love my littles. And I am thankful to have these moments, and experience their curiosity…even if that means that I don’t get much done!

I also love that fall is here! Big brother says “puhm-tih” for pumpkin…I love little baby words! No words from little brother just yet…mostly just giggles (love those too!),  he’s almost 4 months now!

Well…big brother is getting upset that he can’t type with mommy.  Time to go!



P.S. I was too slow…he already started pulling things out of the garbage can!