Dear Goodwill…

You. Are. Awesome.

A while back I read about re-purposing other people’s artwork (sorry, other people!) by simply painting right over it! And THIS POST really inspired me to do some art with my littles! Well, really just with big brother while little brother was sleeping. And to be honest, most of his handiwork ended up on his body more than on the canvas…which is why we paint in just diapers! And by ‘we’ I mean just any babies involved, of course! 😉

So…I went to Goodwill a few weeks back, in pursuit of a large canvas to re-purpose…totally NOT expecting to find quite what I was looking for…but, believe it or not, YES!  I found THIS!!!!

The painting was painted in 1988 (it was written on the back) and was in need of some updating! FYI, this canvas only cost me $10.  Seriously. TEN.

I first tried to prep the painting (paint a white and yellow background) with big brother’s help…just me and him.  That resulted in me having to wash paint off the deck and off of our camera…oops!

But thankfully we had daddy’s help for our official painting day!  Good messy fun!

And here’s the finished painting hanging up in our dining room! I think the craziness of it all really represents how life is right now….chaos and beauty.  A wonderful mess.

Ok…you’re turn!  Go to Goodwill and find some old paintings!