What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Oh Thursday…you used to be our TV night….and we’d stay up late to watch The Mentalist.  But sadly our TV is having issues lately…actually it’s not really the TV itself…but it’s really not worth explaining.  Anyways….though I do miss watching Menty, it’s really not all that sad not having the TV.  Less is better, really.

In other news I’ve been really enjoying cooking and baking lately!  Thought I’d share some recipes with you!

Pumpkin Knot Rolls – Taste of Home recipe

Okay, so I tore this one out of a Taste of Home magazine my mom gave to me.  The original title is Pumpkin Knot Rolls, but I decided to change things a bit (I am my mother’s daughter after all!) and re-titled mine to be Butternut Cardamom Rolls.  I didn’t have canned pumpkin on hand, but I DID have pureed butternut squash in cubes in the freezer (for baby food). Also, I used soymilk instead of cow’s milk…lately I’ve been avoiding dairy (mostly) because the little guy seems to have some sensitivity to it.  (Though I did use butter like the original calls for…oops)

Anyways… they turned out delicious! I froze half the batch to enjoy later and use alongside other dinner meals. They also work well for mini sandwiches.

Here are some of the changes I made, if any of you are interested.  Otherwise, I imagine the original recipe is just as tasty!

-1 cup warm SOY MILK instead of cow’s milk

-1 cup BUTTERNUT SQUASH PUREE, instead of canned pumpkin

-CARDAMOM AND SUGAR on some of the rolls, as well as using the sesame or poppy seeds on the others. (Next time I will probably only use cardamom and sugar)

-I also liked my rolls a little bigger, so instead of dividing each half into 12, I divided each half into 8 balls. 15 minutes in the oven worked just fine.

Some other happy cooking goodness….I’m making chicken stock in my crock pot!  I didn’t even know you could do that until this week! Last night we made roast chicken, so I just used all the bones from that, and added a bunch of veggie scraps/peelings that I had in a bag in the freezer.  SO EASY! Slowly but surely, I am getting the hang of this whole wife/mother/homemaker thing! 😉 Thank you Nourishing Days for the how-to!