Simple Table Decor on a Wonderfully Gloomy Day

We have quite a large gathering coming up this weekend, and my thoughtful husband reminded me that we needed some kind of centerpiece for our dining table.  My hopes were to somehow keep it simple, attractive, seasonal and low on cost. Thank you Hobby Lobby for making this possible! I was able to buy the glass candle holders for 50% off, actually…the tall grasses were also 50% off! Oh, and imagine that, those white candles (came in a three pack)…yep, 50% off!  I did already have the big vase in the center, so that was helpful. At first, I added some fake leaves (which were also 50% off) around the candle holders, but next to the real grass they just looked too cheesy. Real leaves from the backyard worked better. With the help of Mod Podge, of course!

What do you have on your table this fall?