the FANCY LETTERS tutorial

After putting together a simple centerpiece in my last post, I decided we also needed some sort of festive banner for our get-together… It was Unofficial Thanksgiving after all! (Friends get together every year and celebrate with a huge turkey and everything!  And this is how we end up having 3…yes, THREE thanksgivings…every year.)


I wanted to put up some sorta of banner that said “Happy Unofficial Thanksgiving” on our wall, so I got out the mod podge, some stamps, and printed some letters…. Why don’t I just get on to the tutorial? That would make much more sense…


*Mod Podge glue

*Old Paintbrush (to use with glue)

*Cardstock (I actually used sketch book paper, you could probably even try thin cardboard)

*Stamp and ink of your choice (I used a leaf stamp with brown ink)

*Old Book Pages – find an old book at a thrift shop…I found one at Goodwill for maybe $2 I think

*Letters or words you would like to use

* Parchment paper just for a work surface, and so the letters won’t stick to your table!

(FYI: This is the mini-version of the letters I made, that’s why it looks so small next to my fingers!)

The How-To:

1. Type up some letters and print them whatever size and color you would like (I just used Word, and picked orange and red) Or use letters from a magazine if you’d like. Cut our your letters.

2. Stamp your cardstock/sketch book paper with your stamp. I overlapped the stamp a bunch of times…you’re just making a background, so don’t be too picky. Then cut squares of your stamped paper…make sure each one will be large enough to fit your letters/words.

3. Rip some pieces of the old book pages. You will use this behind each letter. (Compare this to your letter and see if it’s the size you want) Glue old book page scraps onto your stamped cardstock.

4. Glue your letter cut-out on top of the old book page scraps

5. Mod Podge over the whole thing and allow to dry.  If you’d like, you can also Mod Podge the back (once the front is dry!) but I didn’t bother.

After your letters are dry, put them on display! I literally just taped mine to the wall…but maybe you’ll make yours even nicer by stringing them up somehow. Or you could use them on a  scrapbook page, for card making, name cards, or frame them as wall art…any other ideas? Let me know how yours turn out and what you use them for!