Pondering the Beauty of God’s Grace

I don’t understand your grace.

How can you be so gracious? To me? To others?

Sometimes I can barely comprehend it. It feels so hard to give grace…at least for me. But I’m learning that it is directly related to the fact that I have a hard time receiving your grace, just as it is. Grace. There’s nothing that I can do to earn it. It is your free gift. So why do I try to earn it? You have already given it to me. And while I’m trying to earn it, at the same time I don’t think that I need it. Probably because, in my mind, on my ”to-do” list of Christianity, I think that perhaps I’ve completed enough of the tasks to be made righteous. In reality, this is terribly self-righteous. And I am. But I thank you, Lord for Your grace, as You continue to drive out the sin in my heart…and somehow make me into a more gracious woman.


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