Even the Smallest of Details

He is present in even the smallest of details

I love how God speaks to me in my own language.

Being an artist, He often gets my attention through the seemingly insignificant things….like pouring cream into my cup of coffee. But oh, how significant it truly is! There is such beauty in the mingling of the two liquids. The white and the deep, intense brown. And then they begin to swirl together, making the caramel color that I usually wait for before I sit down to drink it.

This moment is but a few seconds…and yet I see the Creator Himself involved in it. He could have just made the liquids do nothing at all, and just instantly become the delicious coffee and cream that I know and love. But instead, he decided to make it beautiful and intricate. He is present in even the smallest of details.

He could have made sunsets less vibrant. Foods less flavorful. Sounds but no music. Seasons without the leaves changing color. He could have.  But He didn’t.  He made things beautiful, and gave us the ability, the opportunity, the privilege, and I would even say the need to enjoy it. And I do need to {enjoy it} because it helps me to see how intricately beautiful He is.