Laminated Coloring Book

I find that I often need to stuff my bag full of toys or activities to occupy my little ones when we’re out and about (which is rare, but does still happen at least once a week…a.k.a. church! ) Books, things to chew on (for little brother), snacks, etc. Our somewhat recent addition is a little laminated coloring book.  Ok…so right now it’s not technically a book…but eventually it will be. Anyways, I think mommy is probably more excited about it than the boys, but I’m fine with that! I imagine at some point they will get more use out of it…at least for now it might occupy big brother for a good 2 minutes or so.

Perhaps this will be useful in your family, for your kids. I also do this with several to-do lists and daily planner pages for myself (home management binder), and use dry erase markers…Less paper waste, which also means less clutter for me (I’m the type that typically has a million little lists and pieces of paper jammed in my purse or pockets…so this is a huge help for me!)

Ok…on to the actual project for you and your littles!

Laminated Coloring or Activity Book


Laminator with sheets OR buy a laminating roll and cut out the sheets yourself

Key Ring – Try to find one that snaps together, rather than the coiled kind

Coloring pages – go online and look up some of your kid’s favorite characters. Copy and paste the images to a word document and size them as desired

Dry Erase Crayons – We use Crayola (I am NOT getting paid to say this! I found them at Meijer, and gave them a try and they work great for this!)

Hole Punch

The How-To:

1) Print and cut out your coloring pages

2) Laminate your pages using your laminator or cutting your own sheets out of a roll. Once your pages are laminated, you may need to trim the edges. Leave a little bit of an edge, otherwise they might separate.

3) Hold punch your sheets, all in the same spot. For example, I punched a hole in the top left corner of each page. You could also do three hole punches with three key rings down one side to make it feel more like a book.

4) Put all of your pages onto your key ring, and you’re done! Now try out those dry erase crayons!

You could also do this with other kinds of activity pages, depending on the age of your kids. Mazes, puzzles, word searches…Let me know what you come up with!