My heart drawn to eternity

Big Brother and I walk slowly down the basement steps-a mini adventure for him-to get a can of coconut milk for our smoothie.  A Josh Garrels song echoes in the background and I watch my little one carefully take each step down as he holds the railing with one hand, and holds my hand with the other.

I notice that this is one of those times that mothers with grown children talk about when they tell young mothers to cherish every moment.  I felt like I was watching and listening as if my life was a movie for those 30 seconds, and I was experiencing its beauty.

I am so struck by these simple moments sometimes that my heart wants to burst…What can I even do with this moment, so profound and yet so quickly passing?  It can be experienced but not long held.

But today, the Lord is reminding me that in these precious passing moments, Heaven is to be found.  The eyes of my heart have been once again opened to eternity, the beauty of the Creator, and all that He has created.  If I have found such inexpressible joy in these 30 seconds, how much greater joy is to be found when we are finally in his presence?