Ham, Apple & Cheddar Quesadillas with a side of Ramblings

I’m all about easy lunches these days. And mmm…this one is delicious (at least I think so… and when my toddler asks for seconds, I know it’s a keeper!)

Ham, Cheddar & Apple Quesadilla



1-2 slices deli Ham

Sharp Cheddar Cheese, sliced (I use a brick of cheese, and slice small chunks)

Apple Slices

Sour Cream

Heat skillet to medium heat. Butter skillet (or use oil if desired). Lay tortilla in skillet. Top half of the tortilla with a layer of cheese, then a few slices of your favorite apple, and lastly the ham (I fold up the ham, and layer however it fits best). Gently fold over the empty half of the tortilla and press together with your spatula. Cover and allow tortilla to brown and cheese to melt. 2 or 3 minutes total, flipping once, to brown both sides. Watch carefully so you don’t burn your tortilla! When it’s done to your liking, remove from pan, cut in half and serve with sour cream for dipping! Mmmm!

Aside from making lunch for my littles, I am trying to survive the tantrums and general little-boy-busyness one day (or perhaps one hour) at a time! Planning ahead for each week has been incredibly helpful for me. Though I’m learning that SIMPLE planning is key in this stage of life.  I too quickly tend to make things complicated (like meals). Really…for my own sanity (and my family) I need to remember that it’s ok …even necessary…to have SIMPLE meals regularly…like…

Easy sandwiches, etc: Grilled Cheese and soup, BLT’s, the quesadilla above, or homemade pizza topped with any leftover veggies you have.

Crock Pot recipes: New favorite, Coconut Ginger Chicken and Veggies YUM! or Sloppy Joes-I use this recipe, but after browning and draining the beef, I just add everything to the crock pot and set it for whatever time I want.

Easy Breakfasts: Eggs in a frame, Yogurt topped with granola and fruit, Oatmeal with fruit, mmm…this Creamy Cardamom Pear Oatmeal is tasty…and you can make it the night before!

Also…I’ve recently starting using this meal planning sheet. Seriously, now that I’ve even started filling in what’s for lunch (which I didn’t do before), I’ve felt much more at ease about getting everyone fed. Simply print out the sheet (or another one you like), slide it into a sheet protector, and write on it with dry erase markers! *make sure to keep away from little fingers that would like to erase all your hard work!*
Do you have any simple meals or planning tips you’d like to share?