Hurling toward the future

Where to begin.

I really have no idea. What I do know is that there are a million things running through my mind and my heart lately and I don’t know what to do with them.

-The American Church and how we function.

-Laundry, Meal Planning, & the general chaos of Motherhood with 3 littles

-Loss. Grief. The kind that comes with miscarriage. And the many layers of it.

-Compassion for others as a result of suffering loss, and of feeling misunderstood.

-God. Who he is. How complex he is. How terrifying and How beautiful.

-Music. Really good music.


-Luke 12:22-34. Especially verses 31-34.

I hope to blog a bit more on some of these topics and what I’m struggling with regarding these things. I’m not desiring an audience, but rather just desiring to “verbally” process through blogging…learning more about living out my faith in Christ rather than just wearing it as a label or name tag. I have so much to learn.


I love how God embraces me through music. Embraces me in all of my broken humanness.

Some lyrics from Sandra McCracken’s “Hourglass”…

“I am sifted through the fingertips of God’s transcendent hand

I am numbering the hours on the hourglass of man

I am hurling toward the future with a bullet in my chest

Oh, I feel the sting, the longing running for that final rest


And I saw my home

When the first one was gone,

and every good thing was restored

And the sea was no more, the sea was no more.”