Pulling Weeds

IMG_20140512_145744I love how God uses seasonal changes to get me thinking about spiritual changes.

Though I am not much of a gardener (yet), I have enjoyed pulling some weeds in the yard this spring. I remember last year digging up some really tough, thick and ugly weeds that took a lot of digging, strength and focus, in hopes to get the whole root out and not just snap it off half way down. And here is another spring. Another season of beautiful renewal and abundant life. And the weeds continue to creep in and reach deep.


To me it has become a picture of our sin…the weeds in our heart, in our soul. If we just chop them off at the top, they are bound to come back again and again. The only way to get rid of them is to dig deep, to work hard and sometimes use sharp tools.


I’ve been so encouraged by a recent conversation with a new friend. We both have a desire to work on our ugly motherhood sins of anger toward our children and our struggle with having a bad attitude at home. Fighting this alone has often proved to be a losing battle, but I am finding new strength in this fellowship. There are words of encouragement, prayers, and holding each other accountable (at least that’s the goal!) and I see God answering prayers and blessing me richly. I see his faithfulness and his grace toward me.


Also, this year my husband and I are both trying to read through God’s Word in a year. Or at least close to a year. I have often given up in times past, because…well… I have chosen to be undisciplined. Aside from that, it does feel hard to do during this season of life with the little ones needing me at all hours (or at least at many hours) and often getting interrupted, or simply feeling too tired to even focus on what I am reading. Anyways…I am excited to say that I am REALLY enjoying listening to an online audio bible.  (I use biblegateway )I often listen while doing dishes or laundry while the boys are playing. I feel a new excitement for God’s Word. I feel like I’m finally starting to see the ‘bigger picture’ in Old Testament stories when I get to listen to it rather than read it myself and lose track of the details. And New Testament as well…I am finding myself feeling inspired and in awe as I listen to the gospel of John and hear about Jesus’ ministry. I all feels so fresh and new again. Like spring.