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What We’re Dancing To: Brooke Fraser – Flags

“Music is what feelings sound like”  – Unknown Author Sometimes there’s nothing better than a piano and a a single voice. The piano itself stirs my heart and moves me to tears. And… Continue reading

Laminated Coloring Book

I find that I often need to stuff my bag full of toys or activities to occupy my little ones when we’re out and about (which is rare, but does still happen at… Continue reading

Even the Smallest of Details

I love how God speaks to me in my own language. Being an artist, He often gets my attention through the seemingly insignificant things….like pouring cream into my cup of coffee. But oh,… Continue reading

What We’ve Been Making This Winter (Craft and Recipe Links!)

Happy Monday, Friends! I thought I’d share some of the crafty fun we’ve been up to here over the past few weeks (actually months, considering the green grass showing in the picture above!).… Continue reading

Pondering the Beauty of God’s Grace

I don’t understand your grace. How can you be so gracious? To me? To others? Sometimes I can barely comprehend it. It feels so hard to give grace…at least for me. But I’m… Continue reading

Some Encouragement and a Day (morning) in My Life

Real Helps for Real Busy Moms #7 “Believe it: I have all I need for today. The needs of our day are great, but God is greater and we call Him Providence because… Continue reading

What To Do With That Old Calendar

What do you do with those beautiful calendar pictures after the year is over?  Make them into artwork for your wall! We had this little calendar with pictures of Japanese woodblock prints, and… Continue reading

the FANCY LETTERS tutorial

After putting together a simple centerpiece in my last post, I decided we also needed some sort of festive banner for our get-together… It was Unofficial Thanksgiving after all! (Friends get together every… Continue reading

Simple Table Decor on a Wonderfully Gloomy Day

We have quite a large gathering coming up this weekend, and my thoughtful husband reminded me that we needed some kind of centerpiece for our dining table.  My hopes were to somehow keep… Continue reading

This Week in the Crock Pot: Italian Sausage Soup!

My Mom loves her crock pot.  And, you guessed it…I love my crock pot too! In fact, my Mom gave me my first crock pot as one of our wedding gifts a few… Continue reading