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A Few Things I’ve Learned About Surprise Parties

This is NOT a How-To, these are just some of my own, personal reflections. -Have a Plan to Get Your Birthday Boy/Girl Out of the House Pretty obvious, right? Have a friend take… Continue reading

Even the Smallest of Details

I love how God speaks to me in my own language. Being an artist, He often gets my attention through the seemingly insignificant things….like pouring cream into my cup of coffee. But oh,… Continue reading

Pondering the Beauty of God’s Grace

I don’t understand your grace. How can you be so gracious? To me? To others? Sometimes I can barely comprehend it. It feels so hard to give grace…at least for me. But I’m… Continue reading

Love My Little “Puhm-tih”

Hi Friends, I’ve been hoping to write a new blog post for some time now.  Each time I sat down at the computer, one of the boys would either wake up and need… Continue reading

An Empty Bench

My Grandfather died this week.  I have a strange mix of emotions… I haven’t experienced this kind of loss before.  The sadness comes in waves and at unexpected moments. I will cherish the… Continue reading