Mmmm…homemade Bread!

Photo Credit   Well hello again dear friends! This is completely random, but are any of you bread-makers out there?  I’ve recently had the desire to start making my own bread…must be the… Continue reading

A Few Thank-Yous and a Wonderful Book…

First off, I don’t think I’ve ever said THANK YOU to all of you out there who take the time to read my blog.  Please forgive me.   I really do want to say… Continue reading

Makoto Fujimura and “The Four Holy Gospels” project

I am so encouraged, challenged, and inspired by this…  Absolutely beautiful.   Enjoy!  

I know you have 16 minutes…

You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO HEAR THIS.  Please do not try to tell me that you don’t have the time…if you ever check your facebook, do any other social networking, or even spend time… Continue reading

“…the fierce urgency of now”

I saw this quote on a friend’s page and thought about how true it really is… “We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…In this… Continue reading

How many???

143,000,000 ORPHANS around the world. Some of our family members are in the process of adopting a child…I’m am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for them, and for the precious little one that they will… Continue reading

Pressing on…

I’m still going back and forth about my dreads.  Yesterday I really wanted to comb them out…Today I want to keep them.  I still get caught up on what others think. I sat… Continue reading

Upcylced Inspirations

While I don’t particularly LIKE the new word “upcylce”, I certainly DO like what it stands for! (I’m not exactly sure what it is about the word that I don’t like…maybe it’s just… Continue reading

An Empty Bench

My Grandfather died this week.  I have a strange mix of emotions… I haven’t experienced this kind of loss before.  The sadness comes in waves and at unexpected moments. I will cherish the… Continue reading

Concert Tickets, Anyone?

So…I have some w0nderful lawn tickets (2 adult and 1 child under age 10) to see Rodrigo and Gariela at Ravinia for Saturday August 28 at7:30pm.  Is anyone interested in going?  We originally… Continue reading